Friday, July 29, 2011

Day Nine

It is going to be an excited day! The first lot of concrete is being poured.  Photos to come later.

Day Eight

The day started with Kate visiting the Tooth Fairy at TFI Dentistry, Then she and I went to the property to see what Rob and Graham were working on. Then back home to clean and wait for Nana and Papa Mike to arrive. They have flown over from NZ to help celebrate Jake's 40th Birthday!

Happy to report that we past our first inspection - the steel reinforcement inspection!
Graham and Rob hard at work

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day Seven

Woke up to another beautiful morning, which was good for those working on the property! While they were soaking up some Vitamin D I went to Woodworkers,, to choose windows and doors. Thank the good Lord Hayley from Porchlight Interiors,, was with me. 

Below are pictures from todays work!

A true sign that work has begun!

Garage and Gran's area

Getting ready for the concrete

You got to love this view!

Day Six

Activity for the day consisted of Graham digging the footings/foundation.  Late afternoon Jake met with the plumber!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day Five

It was busy day on the property.  The digging of the footings/foundation started and the electrician erected the power pole.  Now we wait for Energex to connect the electricity. 

Jake went on an adventure down into the sewage pipes.  Thankfully, it was after a large amount of waste went flowing by!

The Unknown!
What beautiful red dirt
The Great Debate

The 1st beer in 25 days!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day Four

No action on the property today. Jake went with Bob to get  MONDO ready for the Brisbane to Keppel Yacht Race.  Kate and I spent the day with Lee, Will and Ben! Thanks Lee for a great day - Kate finally found the courage to ride her bike (thanks Lee), Will rode Kate's bike, and Lee baked her first lot of cupcakes and brownies from a box.

Day Three

Returned from a fabulous trip to Melbourne.  Lots of laughs, walking and fabulous margaritas!  Oh yes, I cannot forget the gorgeous room at the Crown Towers.  I fell in love with the room's decor and wish I could have packed the room and bathroom into my bag and brought them home with me. Instead, I took lots of pictures so I can try and duplicate them!

I will head down to the property this morning to take some pictures and will post them later today.

Boo, many thanks for a wonderful trip. My bags are already packed for our Sydney trip!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day Two

I'm off to Melbourne for the DECORATION + DESIGN & FURNITEX show.  This will be the first time I'm away from the family since Kate was born.  It's going to be hard but I'm sure Boo (a.k.a. The Might B) will soon have me laughing so hard the pain will ease! Prayers are welcome if you have the urge to pray!

Jake is meeting with his company's Landscape Architect today and the huge pile of dirt from yesterday will be transferred by Quad Transport to another property.

I pray everyone has a day full of the good Lord's blessings!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day One

It was a beautiful day to get the digger digging!  Even our wonderful neighbour was out to watch Quad Transport cut into our property.
Our Wonderful Neighbour
Our Girls freaking out

Our View at low tide

Look at all the red dirt

View from Rob's yard

Close call

View as tide is coming in

View from road

View of the drop!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One more sleep...

I'm getting ever so excited for there is just one more sleep before it all begins! Quad Transport, which is owned by Janice and Anthony Vanderreyden, will get an early start tomorrow morning as they will be the ones breaking ground on our property.

I've got my steel capped boots and camera ready!


Thanks to the power of prayer, I found the most wonderful interior decorators, Tracee and Hayley from Porchlight Interiors. I got to see first hand some of their work and I was totally blown away.  There is no doubt these two remarkable ladies will be able to deliver the atmosphere we're after.  Please take a look at their website or their blog at

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Time Flies

It has been a year since I last posted anything and boy has a lot changed.  We sold our "Beach House" and are renting a little house on stumps/stilts.  We call it the Tree House and have been here for about 6 months.  This is home until we finish building our home on the water.

This blog will be for those of you who are interested in keeping up to date with our building process.  It will also be a great way for my to seek advice.

If you decide to follow us as we build A Sailor's Haven then take a seat and enjoy the sail!

And so it begins...

Much to our surprise the water meter was connected to our property on Wednesday. A very big thank you to Rob Lovett for helping me decide where to have the guys place it.