Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pictures from our First Dinner Party

For those of you who know us will not be surprised to see that we have already had our first dinner party.  Our thought was - WHY WAIT!
Kate, Molly and Kelsey

Bob, Brett, Rob


Kate doing the Limbo

Look at Molly go

Watch out Molly, Will seems to think it is his turn!

Wrong way Will!

Gran is probably wondering if she will ever get a ride home!

The Guest refuse to leave
  This picture was taken from our car as we left our house!

The Wait Is Over!

It has been a long time coming but we are finally underway with the building of our house.  Several weeks ago the concrete was poured on the bottom level (Jake’s Domain) and the main level of the house.  The frames for both levels are up and the floor for this level is going down.  The frames for this level will be arriving this afternoon.

I have just come back from a meeting with Hayley and Tracy from Porchlight Interiors and I can honestly say that I could not achieve my goals if it were not for them.  The windows and doors can be ordered and a final decision has been made in regards to the layout of windows and doors on the top-level deck.  Now I just need to finalize the roof tile, the siding/cladding, the tapware, plumbing, and then maybe I can stop and take a breath or dance some Nia.

I guess I should mention the frames are from Steel Framing Systems and the man in charge of the site is Rob Watkins from Rob Watkins Builders.

Now I am going to post some pictures!