Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Still Waiting

Nothing to report on the actual site but the down time has allowed me the opportunity to sit back and contemplate some things that I have been putting off.  I needed to decide whether to have windows in the kitchen on the Eastern side of the house.  Well, thanks to Aunty Disy and Jan Randall there will be windows in the kitchen on the Eastern side!  Now, I just need to decide whether to go all wood or wood interior and aluminium exterior.  If I go the combination, I will have to order them from a company in NSW who is the international supplier for Marvin Windows and Doors in the States.  The problem here is the time in which it would take to get the windows, and I am still waiting on a quote.

I have made Jake a very happy man by agreeing to be practical and use James Hardie Linear fiber cement siding and a tin roof.  I came to this decision after reading several articles in Coastal Living regarding how to storm proof your house and this was around the time Irene was barrelling towards the States!  In addition, while admiring the pictures of the houses in East Beach, Norfolk, Virginia, I noticed that many of the houses have tin roofs!  Therefore, I emailed Jake a photo of the roof and he was able to locate the same roof here in Australia. 

That is all I have to report for now.  I will try and post the house plans later this week.

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  1. walked past your block today, it is such a gorgeous outlook and so peaceful. We went to the wishing well cafe with our mother for high tea, very quaint!
    Hayley xx