Monday, October 31, 2011

Moving, Moving, Moving

Oh yes, we are on the move again.  This Friday, November 4th, we will be moving to a larger rental that has air conditioning, a pool and room for visitors.  My sister, Haven, will be visiting from mid-December to mid-January then Gran arrives for yearly visit sometime early February in time for her darling granddaughter’s birthday!

This move is the work of the Lord, so for those out there that think He cannot find the right house for you well you are soooo wrong!  One Friday at school, one of the Intervention Teachers walked up to me and we started talking.  She mentioned that she has been slowly moving out of one house and into another one.  I told her that I felt for her and how I was not looking forward to moving again and how we needed to find a place to move into before the summer sets upon us.  She smiled and said her house that she just moved out of was for rent.  I stated I need a house with air conditioning, pool and space and she smiled and stated her house did.  She then proceeds to tell me the house is in the same area.  We both looked at each other and I reached over to her and stated how the good Lord works in mysterious ways.  She then tells me that she knows that and that she was not even supposed to be at school that day!  We both had major goose bumps and tingling heads. 

Praise the Lord.

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